Account Access

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Account Access

More details on our online/remote access services are available through this Web site:

Direct Deposit: Eliminate the worry over a lost, stolen or misplaced paycheck or government check by having it electronically deposited into your account. We can distribute funds to your account(s) or loan(s) as you choose. Stop in or call for assistance in setting up Direct Deposit. 
e-News: Sign up to receive 2-3 e-mail messages each month with the latest news on promotions and special events. The online enrollment form is available by clicking on this link e-News Sign Up
Night Deposit Box: A convenient and secure way to make deposits or loan payments after business hours. Remember to provide your member number and the account to which you are making a deposit (Share Savings, Money Market Investment Account, etc.). This will ensure we deposit the right amount to the correct account. 
Payroll Deduction: You can request to have a portion of your paycheck distributed to your account(s) and/or or loan(s) as you choose. 
Touch-Tone Teller: Our automated account access by telephone gives you the freedom to check on your accounts no matter where you are. Call any time 24 hours a day, seven days a week to review recent transactions, cleared checks, obtain account balances, make loan payments, check withdrawals, transfer funds and more!

If you previously used Touch-Tone Teller and are accessing it for the first time after 3/31/2015 - please listen carefully to the prompts because some of them have changed. 

Call 440-324-2445 or 800-850-4539


At the prompt, enter your account # (without any preceding zeroes).


The system will ask for a PIN - enter the last four digits of the primary accountholder's Social Security Number.


Press the # key.


You will then be prompted to reset the PIN.


Enter a new PIN and press the # key.


Re-enter new PIN and press the # key. 

 You will only hear prompts related to the type of accounts you have with SELCCU.